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Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? And how do I get there? Until Scientology® none of these questions had been answered.Scientology® is an applied religious philosophy. It has answers and an exact step by step road that leads one to spiritual freedom and higher states of existence. Because Scientology embraces the entirety of life, it provides the individual with technology that can be used to understand, handle and improve all aspects of living. By studying the contents of this page you'll gain practical knowledge you can use to help yourself and others improve conditions in life, the environment, the community - in fact, the world. This page contains numerous sections of The Scientology Handbook® - the most comprehensive reference manual on the basics of life ever published. It has been drawn from the millions and millions of words that comprise the works of L. Ron Hubbard. Use the wisdom contained in this book. It will change your life and the lives of others. To see the information contained in the Scientology® Handbooks click on the booklets below
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Personal Ethics & Integrity
Integrity and Honesty
The Basics of Ethics
The Conditions of Existence

How to Live with Children
Working with a Child's Willingness
Children and Work

The Importance of Study
The Three Barriers to Study
Morals For A Modern World  [Free Package]

Illness and Injuries
Understanding Scientology Assists
Helping a Person Heal Himself
Specific Assist Procedures

Making Planning an Actuality
Plans and Programs
Handling Confusion
Work and the Dangerous Environment

Why Do People Use Drugs?
How Drugs Affect Your Mind
Understanding Painkillers
Free Youth For Human Rights Package

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