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The Truth About Drugs Education Package contains practical tools to educate young people about substance abuse.

No one questions the severity of the drug problem and its devastating impact on youth. Academic results suffer and, even worse, drugs undermine health and destroy young lives.

The best solution is to reach young people with effective, fact-based drug education, before they start on drugs. T'eens, and young adults who know the facts about drugs are much less likely to start using them.

The core of the Foundation’s Education Program consists of the 1 hour and 42 minute documentary, The Truth About Drugs: Real People, Real Stories.

The documentary is supplemented by 13 booklets and award-winning public service announcements. More than 50 million educational booklets have been distributed in over 60 countries and more than 20 languages.

This Truth About Drugs Education Package fills the growing demand for practical tools to help the teacher, instructor or director to communicate the truth about drugs swiftly and effectively. It provides lessons, assignments and classroom activities that elicit student participation and captures and retains young people’s attention. Students willingly read, view and, most importantly, use the information to make right choices about drug use.

Hardly a teacher or parent exists who has not asked: What can I do to help keep kids off drugs? The Truth About Drugs Education Package helps answer that question to the maximum benefit of today's students and youth.
Your Free Drug Information Kit Includes

Boxed set of 14 drug education booklets in theTruth About Drugs series
The Truth About Drugs DVD with award-winning
Public Service Anoucementss and a preview of the new The Truth About Drugs Documentary
The Truth About Drugs Activities Manual

Read These Drug Education booklets online and watch their TV ads
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Prescription Drugs.

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