Dianetics Advancing Psychotherapy
By L.Ron Hubbard
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The human body was found to be extremely capable of repairing itself when the stored memories of pain were cancelled. Further it was discovered that so long as the stored pain remained, the doctoring of what are called psychosomatic ills, such as arthritis, could not result in anything permanent.
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IT IS COMMON KNOWLEDGE that most quack panaceas base their claims of success on about 2 percent of the "cures" they presumably effect. In many instances even those results are traceable to other concurrent factors in the ailing persons life, such as change to a happier environment, improvement in finances or just plain abiding faith in touted miracles.

But, like every other valid science, Dianetics does not depend on the exceptions to prove its theories. It bases itself on evidence dirived from a large majority of cases only.

When Dr Wechsler, noted neurologist of Columbia University and Mount Sinai Hospital, recently proclaimed that many ailments wrongly diagnosed as appendicitis, gallbladder trouble, tumours or abscesses, ulcers and high blood pressure are really attributable to mental malfunctioning, you may sure that his psychsomatic findings came from preponderance of cases investigated.

The amazingly wide scope of the psychosomatic field was a primary discovery of Dianetics when the theory was first promulgated and tested more than twelve years ago.. In the past year, with the universal application of Dianetics processing, the erasure of psychosomatic ills has become a large, though, unintentional, by product of our humanitarian science. In the course of contacting engrams in the prenatal area, it was found that many chronic somatics cleared up and mysteriously disappeared. Exactly how this is accomplished physiologically is not yet better known to dianeticists than the physiology of psychotherapy is known to neurologists. But it happens in an overwheling number of cases and that is the important proof.

Q: What is a psychosomatic illness and how do you recognise it, manyreaders of the book have written in to ask.

A: Dianetically, a psychosomatic illness is a chronically restimulated somatic [pain]. It is a memory of a past eventin which pain was inflicted during patial or full unconsciousness of any kind.This memory is suddenly restimulated by somefactor in the present time environment and is constantly held in the minds attention, as explained in earlier articles. Thus the pain and disorder of the original or past incident are felt in present time without a knowledge of their cause. Dianetic, by helping the person recall that incident and to sense all the circumstances which made it painfull, removes its charge or abberrative content i.e., the person learns what bothering them and is no longer afraid of it. With the disappearance of the aberration, the psychosomatic illness vanishes.

Q: Do you recommend the processing of expectant mothers _Mrs B.A.

A: Definitely not. There is a great possibilty that the unborn child may engraph. That is, that the engrams contactedin the mother, in their dramatization, re-recorded or be implanted in the fetus. The unborn child has enough engrams installed in its cell before and during birth to risk more.This subject will be dealth with further in later articles on Child and Preventive Dianetics.

Q: Would you include cancer among the diseases supposed to be psychosomatic or in the realm of the mind _ Dr J.S.D.

A: Recently we had the oportunity to observe leukemis, carcinoma and Hodgekin's disease cases, as a consequence of which we mor than incline toward the belief that cancer may often be engramic. In fact we have submitted our findings tothree reputable cancer researchers and offered our services in speeding up their work.

Q:Can Dianetics be applied to logopedics or the correction of speech defects? - Mrs .F.M.

A: Dianetics has only limited application to speech but enough to convince us that stammering and stttering are engramic in origin. Our clues have been engramic Phrases like "Don't be in such a hurry to talk," "I get so excited I can hardly say a word" and "Don't say it." Another command which frequestly turns up is "Shhh!" Cases of this naturedo not ususally present any particular difficulty and should be handle by standard Dianetic procedure.

Q: Isn't Dianetics a kind of hypnotism? _ Dr H.M.B.

A: Absolutely not. Anyone in doubt as to how hypnotism works need only consult the authoriatative books on the subject by Esta Brooks. In fact, this recommended as a means of providing Dianetics and hypnotism are total strangers. The "reverie" used in Dianetics merely consists of shutting the eyes in order to help the person to remember, recall and recount past incidents in complete detail. It is not induced by commands of any kind and can hardly be called trance, sleep, sumber or catnap. The person in reverie is keenly, acutely aware and analytical of everything said to him and can open his eyes of his own free will at any time during the session. Also in the Straight-line Memory technique of Dianetics, reverie and eye-shutting are not used at all.

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