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"Experts estimate that psychosomatic illnesses account for up to 70 percent of man's ills, including being too fat or too thin, migraines, allergies and other afflictions not strictly caused by physical reasons."

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Kevin Owen
Psychosomatic Healing
Handling Trauma With Advanced Psychotherapy
Handling the stress related to all illness.
With a reduction in Mental and Physical Stress comes an improvement in health.

Psychosomatic refers to mind and somatic refers to body; the term psychosomatic means the mind making the body ill or illnesses which have been created physically within the body by derangment of the mind

Auditing could be described as a very unique form of personal counseling which helps an individual look at his own existence and improves his ability to confront what he is and where he is. There are vast differences between the technology of auditing and other forms of counseling. There is no use of hypnosis, trance techniques or drugs during auditing. The person being audited is completely aware of everything that happens. Auditing is a precise, thoroughly codified activity with exact procedures.

Psychosomatic Healing
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