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Millions of children worldwide are placed on psychiatric drugs with documented side effects of suicide and/or violence, yet frequently parents are not warned. In order to help educate parents on the very real and documented risks, we have created these public service announcements as part of our fight for children’s rights; and so that parents are given enough information to make educated informed decisions, before it's too late. See below for more PSAs.

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Presciption For Violence
Where The Truth Lies
Making A Killing
Drug Push
Disease Mongering
The Experiment
Pedling To Prescribers
Pitching To The Public
Side Effects
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Psychiatry:A Prescription For Violence [DVD]

The DSM Hoax
The American Psychiatric Associations Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is psychiatrys billing bible of so-called mental disorders. With the DSM, psychiatry has taken countless ... Read Moreaspects of human behavior and reclassified them as a mental illness simply by adding the term disorder onto them. While even key DSM contributors admit that there is no scientific/medical validity to the disorders, the DSM nonetheless serves as a diagnostic tool, not only for individual treatment, but also for child custody disputes, discrimination cases, court testimony, education and more. As the diagnoses completely lack scientific criteria, anyone can be labeled mentally ill, and subjected to dangerous and life threatening treatments based solely on opinion
Psychiatry: No Cures No Science  [4 mins]

Psychiatrists openly admitting at the 2006 APA convention that they have no scientific tests to prove mental illness and have no cures for these unproven mental illnesses.

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