Cases Handled With Psychosomatic Healing
"The human body was found to be extremely capable of repairing itself when the stored memories of pain were cancelled. Further it was discovered that so long as the stored pain remained, the doctoring of what are called psychosomatic ills, such as arthritis, could not result in anything permanent.
"Experts estimate that psychosomatic illnesses account for up to 70 percent of mans ills, including being too fat or too thin, migraines, allergies and other afflictions not strictly caused by physical reasons."

All the cases below had received treatment of their symptoms, from a physical healer, without any reduction or improvement but a worsening in the condition as time went on

"I just helped a lady that had an accident. She was taken to hospital and was discharged soon after. She started having pain in her stomach area where she had been hit in the accident. They diagnosed her with cancer and did a hysterectomy. After getting out of hospital she was having mental issues and went to see a Rotorua Psychologist. The Psychologist did an assessment and then referred her to a Psychiatrist in Hamilton. She missed the appointment but they rang and said she had just cost the Tax Payer $6,000. She then went back to the Psychologist in Rotorua who did another assessment and sent that off to ACC. ACC then said she needed to see a Psychiatrist in Auckland so she had to travel to Auckland on the bus where the Psychiatrist did another assessment and referred her back to the Psychologist in Rotorua. She had received no help from these experts all this time [3 months]. All they did was useless assessments.
She came to me and was in session within 15 mins where I had to handle the trauma of the accident, the un-necessary hysterectomy and all the trauma caused by the visits to the Psychiatrists and Psychologists she had been directed to see. One doesn't have to look far to see why people are committing suicide after psych help. 2hrs and bucket loads of grief and she was okay."

A man came to me after he had been to The Rotorua Hospital with a sore ear and some ringing in his head. The hospital put him through an
MRI scan [$1000 cost to the tax payer] which he found uncomfortable so they sedated him. The first lot didn't work so they increased the sedation.
After all that they told him they didn't find anything and needed to do some more tests.
He told them politely, no thanks and turned up on my doorstep. 2 Sessions of Psychosomatic Healing [Advanced Psychotherapy, not Psych Psychotherapy] and the problem was gone.
"A man contacted me about his wife. She had an injury 30yrs previous and afterwards was unable to lift her arm above her shoulder. The arm was also cold around the bicep area. There was nothing physically wrong with it. As he couldn't afford to pay me, I gave a booklet with techniques in that he could learn and use, value $12. He studied the material and then used the technique on his wife, a week later she could use the arm and it was now warn. She had been going to current practioners for twenty years without any improvement."
He also users the Instant Instant CalMag-C to help calm his kids before bed.

A lady came to me with a skin condition [red rash all over the whole body] She had had it for 40 yrs [60+ yrs old] and with psychosomatic healing we were able to get rid of it. Over that 30yr period she had been to every specialist known to the medical profession and had trained as a natorapath to try and handle the condition without any luck. Because they have no workable Psychotherapy to handle psychosomatic illness they were restricted to treating the symptoms only. Her skin now looks like a 30yr old and all the redness and dry skin, etc, has gone.

A lady came to me with RSI in her wrist and up into her shoulder. She had been seeing ACC Therapists [Physiotherapists and Medical Practioners] for some time [more than a year] without any improvement in the condition. Those helping her could only care for and manage the symptoms in the arm and shoulder, having no Workable Psychotherapy to handle the trauma causing the pain. She was unable to lift her arm above the shoulder because of the intense pain. 2 hrs of Psychosomatic Healing [Advanced Psychotherapy] and the pain had gone and she nearly had full movement of the arm.
A lady came to me after having had 3 sessions with an ACC Acupuncturist to handle an elbow she had injured. She said the Acupuncture didn't work. There was no physical injury left, so the problem was psychosomatic. To handle any psychosomatic condition one needs workable psychotherapy [Not 1900 century Freudian Psychotherapy, now obsolete] 15 mins of Psychosomatic Healing to handle the trauma of the original injury and the pain was gone and she could now use the arm again.
I got a call from a man that had been admitted to the Rotorua Hospital Surgical Ward, 3 days earlier. He was suffering from Cellulites which was slowly worsening. He had been put on medication, was on antibiotics, etc, and cared for exceptionally well. 3 hrs of Psychosomatic Healing [Advanced Psychotherapy, not Psych Psychotherapy] and the pain had gone, the rash had reduced to a light pink color. Half an hour later he signed himself out. All on record
"A man came to me with back pain. He had injured his back in an accident 5 yrs earlier. The physical part of the injury had healed, but he was still experiencing heavy pain. He had been to many of the specialists and medicos and had ended up being put on methadone for the pain as a last resort. He still had his back pain and now was a methadone addict, unable to work and cope without his daily fix. 4 sessions of psychosomatic healing and the pain had improved. After the first session he arrived home and his wife said to him, "you haven't complained about your back today dear" . He was talking about reducing the methadone. One month later the back pain was gone and so was the methadone. He's now back in full employment driving big trucks, something he loves doing
"A lady came to me after she had been to ACC Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Counselors over a period of 4 yrs. A bus had hit her car and the trauma was preventing her from driving. 15 mins of psychosomatic healing , she jumped in the car, to her husbands amazement and has been driving since.
A lady had been sick in bed for a week, flue like symptoms, 15 mins with psychosomatic healing and she was up out of bed. I seen her a week later and she told me that the sirisus she had suffered from for 4 years, all over her body was healing up, one of the side effects of workable psychotherapy.
A young lady came to me when she was 8 months pregnant. She was in pain and it felt like her stomach was going to explode. She didn't want to take any medication and that's all the doctors were offering her. A couple of hours of psychosomatic healing and the pain and unwanted sensations, feelings etc were gone. I also gave her a natural tranquilizer to help her relax. The rest of the pregnancy went well, thanks to the medical professionals involved, without any complications.

A young lady came to see me for help about a rash on her neck that she was having problems with for the last twenty years
This is an interesting one as it shows how the mind [abberration in the mind] can alter or abberrate physical cells in a matter of minutes.
She told me that every time she got interested in a young man and started talking to him, a rash around her neck would appear, within 5 mins. Since a young girl, now around 28, her parents had taken her to every practitioner they could find to get something done, to no avail, as they were all physical healers and having no ability to do the psychsomatic healing needed to crack the case. Not that it was a hard one to crack, when one knows how.
Two sessions later, [4hrs] the source of the rash was dismantled, you could say and she now can talk to anyone she wants. When running the session the rash would turn on and off in front of ones eyes, until at last, it was gone.
The above example gives one an idea of how the mind [memory] can abberrate physical matter [cells]. When that abberation is located and removed the cells return to their natural state and stay there. If one doesn't have a workable science of the mind [psychosomatic healing] and users physical healing to treat a psychosomatic problem he will be treating it physically for all time, until it kills the person.

.I was in touch with a man who had stomach ulcers for many years. That day he was going for a check up at the hospital. They were going to put a telescope down into his stomach.
He called me after the procedure in a bit of a state. He was having trouble breathing, panic attacks and his throat was sore from the endoscope scratching it.
I shot around to his place, calmed him down with a natural relaxant, did some psychosomatic healing on his breathing and panic attacks which handled those and then started on the ulcers he was having problems with. Two hours later he was a happy man and hasn't had any ulcer problems since.
The medical procedure above was directed at the damaged or un-healing cells in the mans stomach, the same as most medical treatments.
What I did was handle the stress causing or preventing the stomach cells from healing [psychosomatic: The soul making the body sick, through the mind] When that was handled the cells could then heal properly over the next couple of weeks
One thing that happens during or after a session is the pain dimminishes rapidly which indicates healing.
The above example shows the time, expense and success rate of the physical healer compared to the psychosomatic healer.
If the physical healer could look at psychosomatic healing it would increase his/her success rate and reduce endless treating of symptoms.

A Pilot of long standing came to me for help. He had noticed that in the last year when he was coming in to land he was feeling extra anxious. He said he didn't want any pills and asked if I could help him. The answer was, yes I could.
From what he told me he only experienced the unwanted feeling and sensations when he came into land. I asked him if he had in the past had any problems [close calls etc ] with his landing. He stated that when he was learning to be a pilot, he had 3 close calls, one of them, where he crashed the plane and was injured.
Once I showed him how the auditing [psychosomatic healing] worked we went about locating the cause of the present time anxieties in his mind [memory]. While he was running the early incidents of landing he experienced the unwanted feelings and fear again until they had diminished and had no more effect on him

A man came to me just after he had been to a doctor [physical healer] to get his ear drums and hearing tested.
He was having hearing problems in one ear and he had a constant ringing noise in his head. The only time he got some relief from it was when he was sleeping.
The doctor did a full check up and told him there was nothing physically wrong with his hearing which suggested that the problem was psychosomatic and outside of the physical healers ability to do anything about it, other than treat the symptoms.
We went about handling the problem [psychosomatic] with the many techniques [psychotherapies]] used to handle such a problem. A couple of hours later the ringing had gone and his hearing had improved and would improve further as the day went on. He was a happy man

I'm helping a young lady at the moment that has had a peanut allergy for twenty years. Every time she would get a taste of peanuts etc her lips, face, eyes, would all swell up. Her heart rate would increase and she would get very frightened as this allergy can kill a person.
For twenty years her parents have had to rush her in to get treatment [injections] from a medical specialist [ Those that treat physical symptoms]. I have been helping her with the psychosomatic causes of the reaction to peanuts for a couple of months now. Every time she gets a reaction she gives me a call and I handle it without any drugs injections etc, just with psychosomatic healing.
The last time the symptoms turned on there was very little reaction which shows the causes [psychosomatic] of the above symptoms are weakening She is very happy.
It has been 7 months since the young lady above had any kind of an allergy attack and she is convinced the allergy has been handled but not quite up to eating peanuts yet, a decision she may or may not make in good time.

I helped a young man after he had an operation on his eye.
He said the operation went well but it wasn't healing up in the specified time period. He came to me a month after the operation and his eye was swollen. I did some psychosomatic healing on it which took him back twenty years to the first time he had injured the eye [when the problems began according to him] With all that baggage out of the way and two hours later his eye was feeling much better than it had done for weeks. I phoned him a week later to check how he was doing and all was well.
The same example above can be applied to any body part that is not healing whether it be after an operation, accident injury etc.
When something doesn't heal in the specified time, that's when the physical healer should call in the psychosomatic healer.

One day a patient turned up at my office with a rash [he had for three weeks] all over his body. The previous week he had been to all the physical healers [GPs, Neurologists, Dermatologists, naturopath, etc, and they had all attempted to treat the physical rash itself to try and improve it. He received cream, pills in an attempt to help him. The rash had not improved with all this help. If it had he would not be on my door step.
None of these professionals knew anything about psychosomatic healing. They may have had an idea that the condition was psychosomatic but didn't have the skill to handle it with psychosomatic healing. I doubt if they were even aware that there was such a thing.
He had a two hour session with me and the rash had already started to lessen. The next day the rash had weakened even further and was gone within a few days.
My point of the above is to show the difference between physical Healing and Psychosomatic Healing.
The physical healer treats the body. The psychosomatic healer treats the Soul [consciousness] and Mind [memory].

Another gentleman I helped [70yrs] had a swollen foot. It was bloated and covered in a rash. I asked him if he had injured the foot recently and he said no. I asked had he ever injured the foot. He said when he was 5 years old he had nearly chopped it off. With psychosomatic [those illnesses generated in the body by the mind] healing one knows that an old injury can re-occur or be generated again in present time, no matter how long ago it occurred, by the mind. When one handles the old memory of the early injury with psychosomatic healing it ceases to generate the present time condition, allowing it to heal.
A lady came to see me about some memories that were haunting her since she was a young girl. She could see some of them but a large piece of what she wanted to know was hidden from view [buried]
The incident was when she was very young and she had visited a dentist. All she could remember was sitting in the chair and being injected. When she woke a few hours later she knew something was wrong and had memories of men putting her on a mattress and climbing on top of her etc. When she tried to tell someone they just laughed it off as it occurred in the 50s [dark ages]
With psychosomatic healing we are able to uncover the buried memory of any past incident. It may have to be run through many times but each time through it becomes clearer
When she left she knew exactly what had happened that day and thanked me for the successful session.
There are so many things one can handle with this Technology
I was asked to help a man labeled as Paranoid Schizophrenic that had been in and out of the Psych System for 2 decades. Knowing it wasn't a disease and only a memory problem, I started him on some Light Psychotherapy [memory exercises] to help him get back control of his mind. I had completed 6hrs and turned up for another session and he had gone. Next I heard he was off all Psych Meds and had moved to another city and now runs his own business.

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